The TARGET CONSEIL INC. Group is a structure specialising in the production, marketing and analysis of online entertainment tools. Present on two continents since 1999, the group stands out thanks to its quality-oriented approach, which is apparent at all levels of operations: products, services, contacts. Interachat is now recognised for its vertical integration of the proposed solutions: web production, results analysis, targeted marketing, professional hosting, payment solutions, advanced e-commerce programming, etc.

A team spread across three geographical locations (Toulouse, Montreal and New York) provides their customers and partners with unrivalled service complementarity. TARGET CONSEIL INC. combines, within a single structure, all the ingredients required for the success of your Internet presence. The head office of TARGET CONSEIL INC. is a Canadian corporation based in Montreal. TARGET CONSEIL INC. INC is registered under Quebec Business number (NEQ) 1164146400, with a head office at 5003 RUE SAINT-DENIS MONTRÉAL QC H2J 2L9