About Interachat

Interachat benefits from the experience of its developers, acquired since 1999 within the TARGET CONSEIL INC. Company, in the field of banking transactions and Audiotel hotline payment. Its objective is to provide retail websites with a comprehensive payment service so that the retailer does not have to worry about the development, safety and management of the purchases made on their website. They can therefore fully focus on their core business by subcontracting their transactions with complete peace of mind.

“By purchasing via Interachat, you therefore benefit from this security and from our expertise. Your banking information does not pass through the commercial websites and our secure servers only retain the information strictly necessary. Your banking information is subject to secure forms located on InterAchat's servers. All the addresses of our payment forms start with “https”; the letter “s” guarantees the security that you are entitled to demand. We use high-grade 256-bit encryption, giving you bulletproof payment security."

Interachat is also the primary contact who will help you find links between the retail websites and your transactions. We can provide you with and test your access codes, giving you the advice you need to improve accessibility to retail websites.

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